What Makes Us Different From Any Other 'Gym'?

You’re the reason we do what we do.  We want you to come in regularly to train with us, enjoy your sessions, get the results you've always wanted, and build a long-term relationships with us and your fitness.  Nothing else matters.


1. Our Focus Is YOU.

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How many times have you been to a 'gym' in the past and no one knows your name, gives you any help or if you're very unlucky, doesn't even say one word to you?

For a place that's supposed to help you improve your Health and Fitness that is a cardinal sin in our eyes!  

We are all about YOU and helping you achieve what you've struggled for so long to do on your own.


2. There's No 'One Size Fits All' Approach.

Time after time we hear that people have been told they must do X or they can't do Y and they follow (or are given) a generic plan or program that they must fit to their life.

We know from working with hundreds of people just like you that there is no One Size Fits All approach and everyone is unique enough to need something that fits THEIR LIFE.


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3. We Aim To Make Fitness FUN.

What hope have you got of sticking at something you hate with a passion?

If you enjoy exercising and the by-product from that is a fantastic body shape, improved health and that 'feel good' factor then why would you stop?

Our Training sessions are always structured to get the most work out of you whilst still making things fun and enjoyable (even when it feels like the hardest thing you've done for a while!).  that way you'll constantly improve but more importantly, stick at it long enough to see the RESULTS from your hard work and effort.