When is a 'Gym' not a gym?  When it's a T.U.F gym!  We don't just rent you access to machines and hope you get yourself fit and in shape.  We bring the 'whole package' to the table and just like fixing up your car yourself from a few you tube videos vs a specialist mechanic doing the job correctly and expertly, we aim to bring our many years of expertise in the fitness industry to coach, motivate and guide you to not just better, but life long results!  You see, here's the thing...

The Problem

We've been frustrated for or a long time that 1 to 1 personal training was out of reach for many, simply it was too costly, and that if someone couldn't make PT work for them they would never get the results they deserved.

The solution

Our solution to this problem at TUF is that we guarantee to provide our members with the highest quality of service from our Team of coaches who are less like the 'Personal Trainers' you think of in other gyms and more 'Body Transformation Coaches'.

Our coaches have a wealth real-world experience in changing not only their own but many hundreds of clients health and fitness time and again.

The systems we use have been tried, tested and refined over time to achieve the desired results.

What will TUF do for you? Quite simply - Results!

Your results are our results so we will do all in our power to ensure that you achieve your goals. We do it without the use of expensive supplements, faddy, dangerous diets or 'hype based' training programs.

The systems we use cut out the BS and more often than not, actually make our members' lives easier because the methods we use are that simple and effective. We get real-world results with real methods and techniques backed by our large number of members body transformations (scroll below to watch a handful of these members talk about their own experiences).

Take Us For A Test Drive! Meet our team and experience the unique fitness culture we provide.
We can help you (re)discover your passion for fitness and get the results that you've always wanted.


Don't Take Our Word For It...

Our awesome T.U.F Members say it best.  Hear in their own words what it means to them to be a part of The Unit Fitness community!

WE Have Gyms  In the following Locations:



Unit 23 Roman Way Small Business Park

Off London Road



PE29 2LN  (01480) 700090

A dedicated Fitness Facility like no other in the local area.  We have a usable 2000 sq ft facility to use for Group Training as well as Personal Training. 

unit 23 map google.png


The Gym in The Club Building

The Boulevard, Enterprise Campus

Alconbury Weald


PE28 4WX or PE28 4WA (sat nav depending)

A newly built facility over 2 floors comprising of a machine and free weight based gym area on the first floor and a large studio on the second floor.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.21.36.png