Back to Basics

Back to Basics.. why you should skip the bullshit and simplify things every now and again.


One thing we are all guilty of now and again is focussing on too much of the little things, or pebbles as it were, before really getting the big rocks in place.


It's like doing every exercise under the sun in your workout because it feels like you're hitting every part of the body, which is better right?!?

One thing we as PT’s are guilty of now and again is programming too much of the things that makes workouts seem really fun and interesting.


And whilst this is great for the short term (it stops the boredom aspect occurring for sure), it also doesn’t really serve for steady progress in the long term.

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Rob Foster
The 5 Body Shape PRIORITIES #5

Time To Chill The *#@% Out!


Who would say they are stressed sometimes?  Probably most people.  It’s part of the modern world, right?!?


Who would say they’re stressed 50% of the time or more?  These can be stressors from work life, family life, personal issues and/or self inflicted stresses.


Who would say they are highly stressed pretty much all of the time?  Do you get up feeling tired and instantly thinking about the things that ‘stress you out’ or will stress you out that day?

Do you feel like there’s never enough time in the day and things are always piling up onto of you?  Do you then eat junk food or at least fail to prepare a fresh meal due to the draining aspect of stress?


Finally, do you feel fatigued and need sleep but can’t get any shut eye because you’re mind is working 24/7 going over and over stressful ‘things’?

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Rob Foster
The 5 Body Shape PRIORITIES #4

Why you should LIFT WEIGHTS prioritising the Compound Lifts.


Look, technically anyone can lose weight if they want to but have you ever seen those folks who go on Bear Grylls ‘The Island’ program?  They lose a ton of weight but at the end of the show, look skinny, malnourished and far from healthy!


Obviously their weight loss was through a severe calorie deficit via lack of food and an increase in activity from foraging and surviving.


But it proves that with a big enough calorie deficit we can all lose weight - but looking and feeling great alongside the weight loss, now that takes some ‘body shaping’ via exercise.


Not just any old exercise though...

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Rob Foster
The 5 Body Shape PRIORITIES #3

NEAT... What the heck is NEAT, I hear you ask?

Well officially it’s Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis but as that also probably means very little to you it’s simply….

The energy you expend doing all the little things that take effort but are not focused exercise.

This includes walking, standing, fidgeting, carrying bags form the shops, chatting, etc

Just by fidgeting whilst sitting or standing versus not fidgeting you could burn an extra 38 calories per hour more than the static ‘version’.  Obviously, if you walk you’ll burn more calories than if you don’t but it’s not necessarily planned exercise so it falls into the NEAT category.

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Rob Foster
The 5 Body Shape PRIORITIES #2

Next up, CALORIES and why calories are King when it comes to body shape change.

Any diet plan or program is either a blatant or disguised way of moderating calorie intake. 

If you look at the big players out there that have you restrict a whole macronutrient like carbs to the plans that have you calorie count in a sneaky way such as counting points, every diet gets you to cut calories one way or another. 


It’s just that some seem easier to manage on a day to day basis than other, and this largely depends on your starting point too.

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Rob Foster
The 5 Body Shape PRIORITIES #1

Not the shape you want to be?  There are many 'things' that play a HUGE part in how you look and feel, so you should probably be giving the main players some attention IF you’re not happy about your body shape right now.


Each 'thing' is potentially a rabbit hole ready to be dived into so we’ll try to keep things a little lighter on the content for you to digest properly.

Priority #1

We’ll kick things off with something everyone gets not enough of…

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Rob Foster