How do we actually Train our Members?

TUF Advanced:

The sessions incorporated into our Advanced small group strength program.  These are set times scheduled on the timetable for those members on TUF Advanced memberships.  If you are intermediate or advanced exerciser then get in touch with us about this.

TUF Conditioning:

These are our 'bread and butter' full-body fitness sessions during which you'll be completing specific workouts to strengthen common weak areas of the body as well as hitting the body fat hard during short intense periods of work.  (Don't be put off by the TUF moniker, it just stands for The Unit Fitness abbreviated!)

Body Blitz:

Purely body weight high-intensity sessions.  These are usually fast paced and more high impact, so bear in mind if booking onto these with specific joint issues (discuss your abilities with the Team prior to attending). 


No fighting involved but it is an awesome way to let off some steam.  Te use of boxing style conditioning and fitness training such as pad work (punching and kicking), skipping, and partner based exercises.  An extremely fun and effective way to train.

Barbell Basics:

A slower paced and focuses on heavier weight training for the beginner/intermediate trainer in order to focus on the simple compound lifts and the specific technique involved.