Regular T.U.F Memberships from £79 per month...

These are specifically for attending our large group, full body conditioning sessions (click Learn More to find out what these sessions entail).  Groups are on average up to 18 people in size and run by a Personal Trainer.

We have over 20+ times on the timetable for regular TUF sessions and flexibility is built into these memberships i.e you're not stuck to only booking a set time and day!

Members have access to our full content online with hundreds of recipe files and videos, are integrated into our TUF ViP Facebook group and have access to support fro the Team where needed.


T.U.F Advanced Strength Programs from £149 per month...

These Memberships incorporate our Strength Program templates for Training and are conducted in smaller groups with a PT so you can get more in depth coaching for the heavier movements not done in regular sessions.

The use of Barbells and heavier compound lifts along with periodised progression is paramount in these sessions.

TUF Advanced Members have more 'Trainer time' in that they can access help and support from the Coaches when needed for their specific requirements.

They also have full access to everything in the Regular Membership, so can book on to TUF Conditioning sessions alongside their Advanced sessions, have access to all Member content and are also in the ViP group.

Click Learn More to read about the full TUF Advanced package details.


One to One Personal Training from £180 per month...

For those who want or need specific Training and support we have our PT's work with you on a 1 to 1 basis.  Specifically designing a program to get you progressing towards your desired goals.

PT sessions are booked via the PT's diary and are more flexible but they do have limited times available during peak times due to other sessions going on at those times.

With PT you would get full access to the help and support from your PT, however monthly cost does reflect this, with prices rising in accordance to sessions per week (£180 per month is base level membership for 1 PT session per week).