Our simple but effective HEALTHY HABIT TRACKER

One of our most popular strategies for members looking to change their health and fitness long term is to get to grips with good and bad habits.
We’ve taken the guess work out of it for you and set 8 of the most impactful habits into a 28 day tracker.

Next up, watch each of the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ videos below to get a better understanding of each Habit…

👉🏼 10,000 Steps per day 🚶‍♂️

👉🏼 Structured Exercise 🏋🏼‍♂️

👉🏼 Water Intake 🚰

👉🏼 Veggies 🥦

👉🏼 Protein 🍗

👉🏼 Reduce Sugar 🍬

👉🏼 Limit Alcohol 🍷

👉🏼 More Sleep 🛏