Because you'll always have questions...

Regardless of the details we put in our Social Media content, which videos of ours you've watched or what you've heard from our Members already, we know you'll always have your own questions when it comes to joining us so below you'll find some of the most frequently asked.

If you still have unanswered questions then please contact us to book a call or in person chat to discuss further.  Depending on the Membership or Program you're after joining we may get in touch with you whether you have questions or not so that we can be sure you're right for that particular thing or that we are indeed the right choice for you and your goal(s).


What does my Program/Trial/Membership entail?

Well, each of the above is going to have specific finer points but an initial Trial or Program with us will include 3 Training sessions with us per week, as well as our A4 printed Members 'Get Started' Guide taking you through our Nutrition and Diet principles.  Along with that you'll be given a T.U.F Members USB card pre loaded with all our digital content to help you improve your Health and Fitness, including over 100 recipe downloads and recipe videos to make eating better easier for you.  You'll also have access to the Team and their expertise to support you throughout your program.  If you are going onto one of our Monthly Memberships after an initial Trial or Program then the weekly session allocation will be determined by which membership you are on.


I have a busy life, what times are your sessions?

Please click here to view our schedule.  The Regular Group sessions include TUF Conditioning, BoxFit, Body Blitz and Barbell Basics.


What if I can't make 3 sessions per week and do I have to do set times?

We aim to make Fitness as accessible and flexible for you as possible so you're not tied to any set times.  You can use our booking system to book onto any of the 20+ times across the week and also cancel off (within 2 hours of the start time) to rearrange at a later date, all from the convenience of your mobile phone or laptop.

We also allow an 'on average' approach to our Memberships and session booking so if you have 3 per week to book and attend but something crops up meaning you can only make 2 sessions, then you can easily catch up with 4 the following week.


How much is it to join?

This is dependant on what program or Membership you're joining.  Our 28 day Programs are £97 and monthly recurring memberships thereafter start at £79 p/m

Please note: 10 Week and 28 Day Programs are only run at particular times of the year.  Please refer to the top banner on the homepage to see forthcoming Program info.


Why are your prices expensive when compared to my normal gym / Personal Trainer?

Well, firstly we'll say "you get what you pay for" generally, and we aim to provide the utmost service to our members so that they actually feel valued and supported.  We work hard to ensure they get the results they desire and are not left alone.  How many of you reading this have turned up at your current gym and either been ignored, had no help when needed, not gotten the results you wanted or felt intimidated or 'out of place'?

In a place that should be there to support your Health and Fitness improvement 100%, that's completely unacceptable.

In terms of our own personal development we also continually reinvest in up to date education so as to be fully equipped to help our Members as much as we can.  

We also structure our Monthly Membership pricing to give you the flexibility of holidays and time off ill.  We have costed our memberships so that you effectively get a month free across a year.  The payments are spread across 12 but costed to reflect only 11.  That way you can miss a few weeks that are effectively not paid for, without losing out.


Will I be the most unfit / biggest there?  What if I can't cope?

We have worked with hundreds if not over a thousand local people between us so have seen all fitness levels, body shapes and sizes attend sessions and get better.  You might have perceptions of everyone else’s fitness levels being so far above yours but everyone is on their own journey and just because they are doing something doesn’t mean it’s not hard for them.  They may have been coming a long while or have different goals to you, so just focus on what you can do and want to achieve

The best piece of advice is to start where you’re comfortable, do what you can, don’t be afraid to take regular breaks if just starting out and utilise the help of the Personal Trainers taking the session.  If you cannot do a particular exercise we can scale something for you to do that meets your current level, then when you’re ready we’ll increase things for you.  The key is to be comfortable and confident in what you’re doing, that way it’ll be more fun too.

Look, if it really isn't for you after the first week then we'll happily refund you and help you find something that does suit.  In order to get results you have to enjoy the thing you're doing.


I have to speak to my partner first.

Great, we’re sure that if they are supportive of you getting in awesome shape then they’ll have no problems with you joining us but we understand it might not be a sole decision, especially when family life is busy.  Explain to them why you want to make a change and emphasise the importance this will make to your own self esteem and confidence.


I’ve never done this type of training before.

We do use a variety of functional fitness equipment that you might not have had the chance to use before, but don’t worry as our professional coaches will help you during every session and movement patterns are not too difficult to learn. 

I have limitations or a particular minor injury.

We can always regress a movement to make it easier or to suit certain limitations so that you are still able to conduct our sessions.  If you have major injuries or particular limitations then one to one personal training may be your best bet instead of our group sessions.


I have dietary intolerances or principles, can I still follow your nutrition material?

Absolutely, we can help those who follow vegan or vegetarian diets and we are always on hand to help you find substitutes to items or food groups you don’t like or can’t eat.  At the end of the day the best diet is one you can realistically stick to each day and we’ll help you find what works for you.


I’m going on holiday during the program, is it best to join after?

It depends on when it is and for how long.  We would like you to start soonest if successful in the application as generally those who leave it until after a break fail to get started.  If motivation to do something is high now, then we suggest taking the first step.  A week or so away can be caught up by coming to extra training sessions before and after your holiday no problem.


What if I find I don’t like the training sessions?

We try to make them as enjoyable as possible and rarely do we have someone who doesn’t like them, however as previously mentioned if you find out during your first week that it really isn’t for you we will happily refund the program cost and try to help you another way.

What if I don’t get results?

Results are all that matter, that’s why everyone does this right?  What’s the point if you don’t progress and succeed.  If you turn up to training sessions regularly, follow our nutritional guidance and stick with it you will get results.  We are so confident our programs work that we can offer you this guarantee.


All that sounds great, what do I do now?

Simple.  If you want to join a 30 Day program then please choose your best gym location from the homepage to begin an application.

If you have come through a 10 Week or 28 Day Program application then you'll have been directed to the relevant payment link but if you have somehow lost that page then please email us here so we can resend.