You've Not Failed Your Diet Or Exercise Program

dont quit you've not failed yet

You've Not Failed Your Diet Or Exercise Program Just Yet - Just Don't Quit!

Hi, it's Rob here from The Unit Fitness. Today what I want to talk to you about is what you've done over the summer. We've had really good weather so there's potentially been lots of barbecue, excess drinking, maybe not so much exercise because you've been out socialising with friends. Just enjoying the weather and things to do. 

Maybe you've had the kids run around your feet for the last couple of months and now it's time to get rid of them back to school. You get your time back, you get your freedom back. If you've got young kids you know what that feels like just to ship them off back to school for the week, relax a little bit, get back into a routine.

Look after yourself for a little bit more, time spent on exercise, time spent on eating better and looking at your diet a little bit more closely now you've enjoyed that food and drink over the summer.

Having the time that you spent eating more, doing less, potentially, try to get out of the mindset that you've ruined everything and you've kind of, you've gone back to square one. It's not that bad. You haven't messed up yet if, one thing really, if you don't quit. You haven't messed up if you don't quit. 

Looking back at the summer, all that excess eating, drinking, potentially, that you didn't want to do, knew you shouldn't do but you actually like doing it, of course. Or, the lack of exercise that you know you should have done but you didn't do it because it's uncomfortable to do so. Now is a good time to get back on track, to try and sort things out that you've maybe let slip for a little while.

Get the kids out of the way or get back into a routine. The holidays are done now, you can look at, potentially, focusing on a little bit more of yourself for a while and look at things that you eat. Looking a little more closely on what you're doing and how regularly you're exercising and just feel like you're getting back on track.

Now, just because you haven't done anything you wanted to do over the last couple of months doesn't mean you've failed, doesn't mean you're back to square one. It just takes a little more time and effort to get back on track and there are certain strategies you can use to do that. But the one thing is that I want to get over to you today is that you haven't failed if you don't quit.

Doesn't matter if you missed a work out. If you get back onto that in the next day or two, you're on track. It doesn't matter if you eat a cake. You've got have enjoyment and some food sometimes so just go out and do and eat what you want to eat. It doesn't matter, you haven't ruined everything by having that cake just get back on track.

It doesn't matter if you miss a month's workouts, a month's exercise, you can always get back on track. If you quit, if you quite longterm, if you just really go off the wagon as such with your diet, that's when things are harder to resume.

Look at this time of year, we always see it, September, October are really busy times for us because this time of year everyone wants to get back on track and reset as it were. With their health and fitness, with their eating after a summer indulgence, maybe a little bit less of the exercise part. 

So two things, obviously, we're looking at exercise and nutrition today. Listen, encompasses the whole package of what we work towards on our MINT structure and mindset as well is a big part of how you look and feel. Improvement on how you track your progress in not just in health in fitness but in life in general. Your nutrition and obviously your training part.

Now, the two easiest and the first two most people go towards to start with is diet and exercise. Now, diet we know what we should eat, the hard part is obviously sticking with it longterm. Exercise, we know we should exercise it's just the hard part is finding something we enjoy and sticking to it longterm. There's a bit of a trend there. 

How do you get back on track? Well, it starts with planning and it sounds boring but planning what you want to do, where you want to get to and we just use 90 day goals at The Unit here because it's easier to then break that down into 30 day goals, into weekly goals and daily tasks and key action steps.

That's all it takes. Just mapping it out a couple of small steps you need to take with your diet, with your exercise and you can go into the other bits, the mindset, etc. if you want to but just the diet and exercise at first.

Simple things done consistently, over the long term, get good results. Get great results in fact. It just takes that habit, that mindset, of trying to do it over and over again when it doesn't look like things are actually changing in happening, that's the hard part. 

Mindset is a big part of this and it's going to in a lot of it in our seminars and our workshops and things we do with our members where we try and change habits. It is down to habits. So just starting with a plan of some sort, a step-by-step guide, maybe some action steps to take to increase your exercise and to maybe take out some of the bad food that kind of crept in over the summer. That is all it takes to make action happen and get results you want to get.

Now we say, you shouldn't focus on too many things at once. You're trying to juggle six balls at once, you're going to drop a couple. So just start with one. One habit, that's all it is. One habit on exercise, one habit on nutrition, get them nailed.

After a couple of a couple of weeks then move onto the next one. Look at the worst ones that are holding you back, try and work hard at changing those. That is a simple tip for the day. It's going to be as simple as that. Just takes a little bit of time, a little bit of work at first but it can change and this is a great time of year to do so. 

If you're interested in joining what we have running at Alconbury Weald and Godmanchester, we have great a workshop happening in the beginning of September. You can get involved in that by simply clicking the link within this post and it will take you to our 30-day Reset Program and we'll go from there.

Rob Foster - The Unit Fitness Gyms

Personal Trainer & Gym Owner (Huntingdon, Godmanchester, Alconbury Weald)

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