What's Your (BIG) Why?

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This is all about your "Why?" 

You've heard it a million times and you've heard it probably from a thousand different people actually, but knowing what your "why?" is for what you're trying to achieve, is key to ever get anywhere if you're doing something without knowing why. 

And this extends to absolutely everything and I think it's for a lot of things in life. If you watch the video I did on this, you’ll see in the background, I'm in a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sunny hot country. 

Why? Because I love it and because we are here to better myself, working on things because we want to achieve a lot more with the business. 

And it's not just because of money, which people often do for business and stuff like that, but it's trying to create something that stems from deeper roots.

What I'm going to ask you to do, before I get into this, is think about why you're on your journey for your training, your nutrition potentially, why you want to change the way you look, or more importantly the way you feel. 

What is the real reason for your training? 

We’ve talked about mindset a lot, and a client I sat down the other day to chat, she said her reason was that she felt better last year when she was 6kg lighter. 

I said, "Well, okay. So why are you doing it? 

Why do you think you’ll felt better?" 

And she said, "Well, I don't know."

I said, "Did everything feel better in your life, or was it just the fact you were lighter on the scales?" 

She said, "Well, you know, there was other things that maybe took a bit of a hit, and, you know, actually I don't miss doing A and B and C."

So, look at the BIG reason. 

What was it? 

And her answer was because of her mental strength, her mental health is why she felt so good, and that's what she was really doing with the whole exercise thing and that's what it truly was about. 

That's the ‘thing’, if we can start to think about what we're really... 

Why we're doing it… 

If we can look bigger than just, ‘I want to lose weight’, what it truly is, if you start getting a bit deeper into that and you focus on that thing… 

…the journey to it will often encourage your weight loss or your motivation because it's a healthier living, 

If you're, say, a man, potentially a dad, and you're struggling to keep up running around with the kids and doing stuff like that, I've heard it from people, it's painful. It's hard. You want to be able to do more. 

Focus on that!

The reality is, you probably will have to get healthier, fitter, you potentially will lose weight, all these other things will come in the background as such, but your focus is actually more powerful than just a scale weight. 

If that's all your focus is and your only driver is to watch a few pounds move on the scale, then you're not going to work hard enough, you're not going to want it. 

There's not enough value in that.

So, ask yourself why that is. 

Why are you on your journey? 

What's the truth for it? 

Because if you can then focus on the ‘actual’ reason, getting there is going to be easier. It's going to be an enjoyable thing, you're going to have more focus, and you're going to get so much more out of it. 

We ask ourselves why we're on the journey, why we constantly invest into coaches, why we're meeting up with other people in our industry. 

All right, fair enough, we're in a nice place today (as I film this video) and we've just finished a training session. 

Bear in mind it starts six, seven o'clock and we've been in a conference room whilst this is going outside since eight o'clock. But our reasons are bigger than, "Oh, we want to get more people in the gym" 

No, we want to try and create freedom for ourselves to then offer even MORE.

And this extends from other things in your life. My biggest driver was because I was told, "Oh, you're just running about in a pair of shorts. Why don't you get a real job?" 

And the amount of times I was told that, "Oh, you know, don't worry about your image”

But, for me it was, I wanted to help people, I wanted to do something, but the reality is, yeah, it is a business to me. It is something I'm passionate about. 

And the fact that I get to be in a pair of shorts and run about and do whatever is a bonus, but my passion and drive to be more successful than that laughing stock of past, is why we are working hard, why we are investing into it.

 And the fact that the business is growing is amazing, but it doesn't mean I'm going to stop there.

So think about what your reason is and why, and don't just go, "Right, I've got there," and settle. 

Keep pushing on. Think about that reason. 

Can you get more out of it? Can you keep pushing on? Is it a big enough reason? 

Do you think about that more than the scale weight or whatever it is that you are achieving on the way? 

And hopefully that will keep you motivated, because motivation will come and go. 

Build good habits, follow the systems and the things that we are teaching you and working with, like we have to do with our coach and the people that we surround ourselves with, and you will get there. 

Plus, it will be a lot easier and more enjoyable.

So, think about your "Why?" Write it down somewhere. Look at that bigger picture and stick to it.





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