The #1 Thing That's Keeping You Stuck With Your Health & Fitness

stuck with your fitness

Is it so simple that just ONE THING is keeping you stuck and holding back your progress?

Hi, it's Rob here from, The Unit Fitness, and today I want to talk to you about shiny new object syndrome.

The thing that's keeping you stuck in the health and fitness rut that you're in right now, which is basically jumping from one thing to the other, never sticking to something long enough.

Thinking that that new thing is gonna change the world for you. That can happen in two ways, really. You see, fitness, just having a gym membership thinking it will get you fit?

Not knowing what to do when you get there. Even if you get there and do something are you doing it at the right intensity? Are you gonna be getting the results you want? Are you doing things correctly? 

Secondly, meal plans, diets, etc. Getting a free meal plan or following the latest trendy diet is never gonna get you in shape. It's not personalised to you.

What are you gonna actually learn from just getting handed a meal plan? Yes, you might do things very well for seven days but actually, is it gonna help you long-term?

The chances are that you're going to be never learning what you need to do in order to move forward. You're just gonna be given things, then what happens when those things get boring or they don't fit what you really like to eat like? 

How we work with our members is to take them back to basics. Within the first four weeks of joining with us we go very, very simple on our nutrition. This helps them feel like there's no overwhelm there. There's no sort of big obstacles to overcome and they have to learn things very quickly.

They can just follow the process but that is not just a meal plan, because what happens when they get to the end of the meal plan? They don't know how to eat for themselves. Do they just repeat that? What happens when things get boring? Social situations come up?


It's all about education and we've developed a 12-month, online course for our members to go through, which tackles everything from nutrition to fitness, training, mindset, sleep, all the things around health and fitness and how we look and feel. 

We extracted the smaller part out where we feel people mostly struggle with and that is the nutrition, the calories, the macronutrients. What to eat, how to eat, etc.

We're gonna put that into a four-part mini series for you so you can really learn the basics, and if you have the basics of nutrition down then everything becomes a little bit easier. Less stressful, and funnily results occur later down the line.

Maybe a bit longer than you think, because it's not all about the quick fix, going back to the initial point of shiny object syndrome. Jumping from one thing to the other is never gonna serve you long-term.

You might get a very short-term goal accomplished and real quick results but then drops off so you're back to that yo-yo dieting. The whole point of taking that education and learning a bit more is that those things you learn stick for the long-term. 

So, I really want to go back to the four part video series, and that's gonna be released very soon but to give you a little bit of information more about how we're gonna deliver that, we've created a cheat sheet.

So, a macro masterclass cheat sheet, which you can download today and get a little bit more reading information before the video series goes live. If you'd like that just click the link below and we can deliver that to you straight away so you can start implementing some tips and tricks around macro nutrition and how to eat better for yourself. 

Rob Foster - The Unit Fitness Gyms

Personal Trainer & Gym Owner (Huntingdon, Godmanchester, Alconbury Weald)

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