Hey, thank you so much for your interest in experiencing what we do first hand by attending a Taster Session at our Alconbury Weald gym.


How to Book your Taster Session:

Firstly, you will need to complete a login profile and some waiver forms you’ll be able to check for forthcoming sessions and book your space.

Remember, you can share this with other friends and family who would also love to try it out, so forward this page on to someone who might also like to try out a session as they need to book on too.

What to expect:

You’ll be met by one of the TUF Team before the session who will make you feel at ease and introduce you to the warm up. Everything will be guided and coached throughout, with it being a very basic training session but one that you’ll leave feeling worked out, even in just half an hour.

It would be a good idea to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start time and bring a water bottle and towel if you wish. Wear comfortable clothes to exercise in and also suitable sports trainers.

The Studio is located above the Gym in The Club Building on the Alconbury Weald Enterprise Campus. A google map of the location can be found by clicking here.

What if you can’t make the booked session? That’s totally fine, we understand things crop up but in order to preserve your Taster Session to rebook at another convenient time please ensure to cancel off the session booking at least 2 hours before the start time. If you cannot for any reason un-book with suitable notice then please email us as we’ll gladly help.

How we do things:

The principles of our Fitness Training sessions are to primarily work the whole body, to get you stronger, improve posture, create the ability to move correctly and become fitter so essentially you can do more than you can right now, with less pain and with more ease! 

This simply means you will gain the ability to burn more calories, even at rest, whilst achieving a leaner, stronger body in the process.

The knock on effect is everyday tasks become easier and more manageable, health markers are dramatically improved and you feel 100 times better.



Although this Taster session just focusses on the training side of what we offer, our members continually tell us it's the small close knit community of our facility and the extra 'content' provided that is the real value. 

I'm sure if you've been part of a dedicated fitness facility before as opposed to a mainstream commercial gym you'll relate well to the valued member model we strive to provide at The Unit Fitness.

The whole package is provided via one of our initial programs and also through continuation memberships with us.


Don’t take our word for it…

It's far better for you to hear what our awesome members say about joining TUF rather than take it from us!  Please head here to watch a few short videos of them sharing their results with us >> https://www.theunitfit.co.uk/the-people-of-tuf

If you have any further questions or anything you're unsure of then please feel free to contact us and one of the Team will be happy to help.


We look forward to seeing you in very soon.


Rob, Josh and The Unit Fitness Team