YESSSS… we love it you’re keen to take action and join our 30 Day Program - they say the first step is the hardest!

We’ve received your application but in order to claim your discount right now as a reward for taking early action your work is not done just yet.

Here is your Action Takers code to use at checkout when completing your sign up login on our booking system: 97TO89

Please choose your best Gym location from below and click through that link.



You will also get emailed the links and code above in case you lose this page or need to come back to it later but remember, it’s only live for the next 24 hours for you to claim (although you can still join a place on the program at full price, which is still amazing value).

Once you have signed up and checked out you’ll get an email with what to do next. Please check your junk mail folder for future emails from us and ‘Teamup’ as they’re vital for getting you program specific info!

For those with just a few more questions please read below:

Our 30 Day RESET Program is not just for those who are new to exercise, those who want to lose weight or those who are already exercising regularly and want increased fitness… but for all who are fed up with either doing nothing and getting more and more out of shape, or who want to drop a number of Ibs or who want to scale up their fitness level AND anyone in between.

You see, we have a unique way of delivering our TUF Conditioning sessions that allow our Team of Personal Trainers to coach individuals of differing abilities and fitness levels within the same session.

So there is no ‘outsiders’ in our sessions. You won’t be the biggest there or the most unfit and feel left out. You won’t feel like you’re too advanced for our sessions and you won’t feel like ‘just another number’ or a nameless member.

We know everyone of our members and are there to help them pretty much 24/7 (via members groups online, email, messaging apps, group training sessions, 1 to 1 in person sessions and the good ‘ol telephone).

So if you’ve struggled with no support or motivation in the past - that’ll no longer be an issue.

The session times for both locations are as follows so make sure you can fit up to 4 per week (you can start by attend a couple to ease into it if needed but 3 is optimal, you have up to 4 p/wk accessible). These can be ANY times and days at your chosen location and you manage your bookings online via our system and app.


6am & 9.30am Mon, Weds, Fri

5.45pm & 6.30pm Mon, Weds, Thurs

9.30am Sat


6am & 9.30am Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri

5.45pm, 6.30pm & 7.30pm Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, (Friday 5.45pm only)

8am & 9am Sat & Sun

Once you’ve chosen where you’d like to join what can you expect from the sessions and program?

 Well, our training sessions are fully coached by our PT’s so you’ll know you’re exercising correctly and with the right intensity. They are full body sessions using lots of different pieces of equipment that you’ll learn how to use and master the techniques of.

You will get a 1 to 1 Strategy Session with us to help map out some simple actionable goals for you to aim for.

As well as access to our online members portal and a fully supportive system to help you when you need help most.

Nutrition is also a key area we help our members work on through various tools, techniques and methods we help you find your ideal outcome to diet so you’re never clueless or left wondering what to eat.

So, basically you’ll get the works delivered to you from over 5 years of our hard work and effort in crafting this program and train with a group of like minded awesome people in an inspiring gym environment like no other.

If you’re keen then click one of the location links above (within 24 hours) and remember to use the code 97TO89 to get that action taker discount!

Still not convinced? That’s cool, just watch a few of our Member’s Success story videos and have a think….

If you have any further questions or anything you're unsure of then please feel free to contact us and one of the Team will be happy to help.


See you in soon,


Rob, Josh and The Unit Fitness Team