Who are we?

We're not one to go on and on about who we are as individuals but as a Team of Fitness Professionals, the TUF Team are here to help train, support and guide you as a Member to better Health and Fitness.

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Exercise Correctly

Through structured Training sessions we aim to get the best out of you and help you improve on your body shape.  

You can read this as 'toning' or muscle definition, or better body composition but simply we help you increase your muscle shape and definition using resistance training.

Eat Right

Through simplified Nutrition guidance and a ton of diet related Members content we aim to help you find a healthy eating regime that works for your lifestyle and goals.  

This can be the most basic habit based approach to food or a more detailed 'dietary tracking' approach - but whatever you decide to do it has to fit your daily life.  There is no 'one size fits all' diet plan out there and we won't give you one!

Feel Supported

Through our sheer passion for helping people achieve better health and fitness you can be confident that our Team are here to support you every step of your journey, however different it may be to other members.

Have FUN

You're all part of our TUF 'inner circle' and will receive our utmost professional support and guidance throughout your time with us.

But from time to time we may ask you to dress up and do the odd 'Charity Workout' in fancy dress! :)

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